Terms and Conditions

(Trading name of Automated Gates and Door Services Limited)
Terms and Conditions of Business

1/ All estimates/reports are based upon our interpretation of the customer’s requirements. Any errors or omissions should be brought to our attention for correction or clarification prior to placing an order. Estimates are for the work specified therein only. Additional work may be charged in excess of the estimated price.
2/ All estimates assume free access to work site and where necessary a reduction or prohibition of pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic during the period of work as well as on-site parking in the work area for our installation vehicle/’s, where this is not available an additional charge may be made on a daily bases.
3/ Vulcan can accept no liability for delays or losses directly or indirectly incurred during the period of work, maintenance contract, guarantee period or thereafter.
4/ Builders works- concreting, brickwork, final decoration etc, is to be done by others unless specifically agreed to in writing.
5/ Where existing supporting structures, posts, piers etc, are considered to be unsuitable the client will be advised accordingly. Any judgment made by our representation to the suitability of using existing parts, gates, structures, etc, is made in good faith and no responsibility is accepted for the continued suitability of such items. Under no circumstances will Vulcan accept responsibility for defects attributable to the inherent problems associated with the use of timber products.
6/ Whilst care will be exercised during the works, the removal of surplus objects, parts etc, and the making good or replacement of materials is not included unless specifically agreed in writing.
7/ The provision of a suitable power supply to the working area is the responsibility of the customer/main contractor unless agreed otherwise in writing.
8/ All mains voltage cable runs (mains supply, motors supply, etc.) will be either S.W.A. or P.V.C. conduit protected cables - unless specified otherwise.
9/ All low voltage cable runs (systems equipment 24V) done by Vulcan are to be installed according to site conditions at the discretion of our engineer unless specified otherwise.
10/ Where audio or video entry links are specified, cabling between the gate/entrance area and any internal termination point is not included in the estimate unless specifically stated.
11/ No responsibility will be accepted by Vulcan for customers existing cables used by us or any cable run installed by us for use by others - even if materials are supplied by us. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a fault free run. Guidance and supervision will be made available by us on request.
12/ All cable runs and systems design will be based on site conditions at the time of our survey. Any planned changes should be indicated to our surveyor in order that our specification and estimate may take account for such changes.
13/ Any connection to the system by others will automatically void any warranty and cancel any existing maintenance agreements unless specifically agreed in writing beforehand.
14/ Vulcan accepts no liability for consequential loss caused by faulty goods or installation. The company's liability is limited solely to the repair or replacement of the faulty goods or installation.
15/ The customer/main contractor is responsible for advising of any special conditions: Access/parking, methods of fixing/finishing/making good, special clothing requirements and any restriction of working (including times or number of operatives present) due to site conditions, health and safety, trade union agreements or other reasons.
16/ All new equipment supplied and installed by Vulcan will carry a 12 month guarantee on parts and labour from the date of invoice. Where goods are supplied only, a 12 month guarantee on parts only is given conditional upon correct installation and use. Any re-conditioned goods carry a 3 month guarantee; any repaired or secondhand goods carry no guarantee unless otherwise stated in writing. Transmitters are not covered where failure is through being dropped.
16a/ Guarantees and maintenance contracts/agreements are all subject to fair ware and tare, this excludes any damage caused by accidental damage, water ingress, weather conditions, unlawful or unauthorized entry, misuse, abuse, riots, civil commotions, acts of war, malicious mischief, theft, strikes, lockouts, fire, explosion, vehicle damage or terrorist activity.
17/ All goods remain the property of Vulcan until paid for in full. During the installation/works all parts installed or left on site become the responsibility of our customer.
18/ Terms of payments: 35% deposit with order, 35% on commencement of work’s followed by the balance in full on completion, even if commissioning is delayed by circumstances beyond our control; these amounts may change with large systems or where equipment is made to order. Maintenance agreements are payable annually in advance.
19/ If an additional site visit is necessary to commission work or complete works due to other trades not being ready for us, an extra charge may be made at our current service call and labour rates.
20/ All orders placed and canceled by our customer will carry a cancellation charge of no less than 20% of the original agreed sum, unless agreed otherwise in writing by both parties beforehand. All orders canceled with work carried out by us in any shape or form including the manufacture of special order equipment or ordered materials/equipment, will be committed to the full cancellation charge of 70% (deposit monies will be used to offset any such cancellation charge).
21/ Should there be a site delay preventing installation, we reserve the right to invoice for 85% of the cost of the contract. In the event of an extended delay, not of our making, we also reserve the right to levy a charge of 10% per month (part or whole after the first 30 days) of the sales value of the contract.
22/ We reserve the right to be allowed an extension of time for installation should inclement weather prevent installation or site conditions i.e. other trades not ready / delay our fitters carrying out the works or excessive traffic problems.
23/ Customers with maintenance agreements take priority over others, we will attempt to attend on the same day where possible however it is our intention to attend all breakdowns within 48 hours or two working days of receiving a call. Preferential use of spare parts and service exchange units is given but may be charged extra. Our standard service schedule applies to the first visit within annual maintenance agreements, with an interim service thereafter. Remedial/groundwork’s are not included within an agreement. The exclusions in 16a apply to all agreements.
24/ If any of the above are not adhered to then Vulcan reserves the right to void contracts and guarantees and may result in legal action. Variations to the above terms must be agreed in writing by Vulcan, applying to the current contract only.

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